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An assault charge can completely upend your life. Besides the potential penalties on conviction, these kinds of charges can also negatively impact your reputation. You need to find an attorney who will tirelessly represent you and your best interests. John P. Knouse, Attorney At Law has been representing criminal law clients for over 50 years. He'll take on your case and help you seek the best possible outcome.

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Learn more about assault charges in Texas

If you’re dealing with assault charges, you’ll want to know exactly what type of crime you’re being accused of. In the state of Texas, assault is intentionally:

  • Causing bodily harm to a person
  • Threatening someone with bodily harm
  • Making provocative physical contact with someone

Any of these three actions can result in an assault charge, but penalties can vary based on the specific circumstances in your case. To learn more about what the state of Texas considers assault, reach out to an attorney now.