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If you pass on without leaving a last will and testament, it will be left to the state to determine how your assets are divided. By hiring an estate planning attorney, you can write a legal will that will give clear and binding instructions for managing your affairs.

John P. Knouse, Attorney At Law can help you write and verify a legal will. You can designate an executor to manage your estate, appoint a guardian for any dependents and name beneficiaries to inherit your assets. Having a formal document will help your family settle your estate with less stress and conflict.

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Do you need to execute a will?

It's possible to execute a will without legal assistance. But a probate attorney will help you avoid mistakes that can cause delays in the probate process. John P. Knouse, Attorney At Law will make the legal process as smooth and easy as possible by...

  • Reducing the number of disputes over your loved one's estate
  • Taking care of your legal responsibilities so you can spend more time with your family
  • Working toward a quick resolution without delays or setbacks

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