Dividing Assets From Marriage Is Tricky

A knowledgeable attorney can help you handle this part of your divorce

Best Family Lawyers in Frisco

Divorces are often messy and contemptuous - especially when property division is discussed. While you want to fight for your best interests, you also need an attorney who will act with integrity to reach you desired outcome. John P. Knouse, Attorney At Law will help you with the property division process during your divorce.

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The Decree of Divorce doesn't have the last word

At the end of divorce proceedings, the judge will sign a final Decree of Divorce. This document will divide your debts and property. However, you can also take steps after the divorce to transfer things like vehicle titles and real estate deeds. John P. Knouse will help you understand the nuances of the law and choose the ideal course of action.

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child holding parent's hand after a child custody case