Outstanding Service
I have used John Knouse for my attorney for the last 27 years.He is one of the smartest and most honest men I have ever met.His integrity is surpassed by none.He also has a great capacity for coming up with solutions when no one else could.In my opinion he is the best in the game and at his prime.John is a lawyer that stands out from the rest and always gives his all in his cases.He understands his clients concerns and needs and works diligently to solve both.

William A

John has been my one and ONLY go-to attorney for almost 20 years. Aside from being extremely intelligent, witty and articulate, he's also extremely knowledgeable in all matters of law. Any legal matter is stressful given the uncertainty of an outcome, but I can honestly say it's very reassuring knowing his 50+yrs of experience being an attorney is guiding me through the process. I always feel lucky to have him on my side.

Kristine S.

I went to John Knouse for help in setting up a new company. He first carefully walked me through what I needed to know to carry out a unique nature centered real estate development. He then created three partnerships to meet my needs and a Reg D Private Placement Memorandum and Subscription Agreement that was essential for funding. The work was well done and completed on time under a tight schedule. Given the scope of the project , I thought the Fees were very reasonable.

John W.

John went out of his way to help me. He explained everything and my case was dismissed. I would highly recommend him to my family or friends.

Suzanne D.

Through the years we have used Mr. Knouse a number of times and were always impressed and extremely satisfied with his representation. He succeeded in securing a very significant settlement in a serious personal injury suit for a family member, and has subsequently skillfully handled a custody case. His legal advice on a number of business and personal issues have always been incredibly insightful. Mr. Knouse's deep voice and professional demeanor in the courtroom elicit a feeling of credibility and gravitas, and he immediately commands attention. I would highly recommend him! He is caring and devoted to his clients, and a man of integrity.

Steve S.

We hired John to help our daughter with a very ugly divorce. He did an outstanding job representing her interests as well as cared about her as an individual. We had a great outcome and I would recommend John Knouse to anyone who needs a compassionate hard working attorney.

David E.

I have worked with John Knouse for over 12 years and can state without reservation that he is knowledgeable and especially skilled in matters pertaining to business law and one of the most honest and ethical men I have had the pleasure to know. If you are looking for an attorney who cares about his client and gets the job done...I highly recommend John.
Bobby Knight, Owner
Alternate Financial Solutions (AFSI)

Bobby K.

John has excelled in positive results for those he represents. He has deep experience in representation of civil suits and criminal cases. John has consistently used his understanding of his cases and the best outcome to yield positive results


Excellent, Very Knowledgeable Attorney

Mr. Knouse is one of the very best sole-practitioner lawyer I have ever met. He works diligently for his clients to insure the best possible outcome whether through negotiation, mediation or via the courts. He is an attorney who actually cares about his clients, their busness and families. I have recommended him to family, friends and business associates over the past 20 plus years and will continue to highly recommend Mr. Knouse for his experience, knowledge and professional abilities.

Rex A

John Knouse has represented me individually, represented my family, and represented the origination of my families corporation with absolute and total success. His knowledge of the law as it relates to individual family legal problems and corporate legal problems is above reproach and would cause me to ABSOLUTELY recommend John for any legal issue encountered by an INDIVIDUAL or FAMILY or CORPORATION. John has earned my lifetime trust and friendship

Bob C.

John has excelled in positive results for those he represents. He has deep experience in representation of civil suits and criminal cases. John has consistently used his understanding of his cases and the best outcome to yield positive results


Excellent attorney

Mr. Knouse has represented me for my custody case for nearly 6 years, and I am confident that I have the best possible attorney. He has mounds of experience and is highly respectable. He is down to earth, direct, and extremely intelligent. He knows how to get the job done. I easily put all my trust and confidence in Mr. Knouse and he was able to ensure I received the well deserved custody of my child, which is difficult for most fathers in the state of Texas.

Daniel C.

Solid atty

John is a very thorough, energetic, and compassionate atty. He has a commanding presence in the courtroom and is well prepared. Lastly, John is very understanding and fair in his billing, very good value for his efforts to help you.

David P.

Never had to worry about anything.

John handled my legal matter with the care that only years of experience can provide.

Carl H.

John is an extremely capable attorney and a pleasure to work with. While most of my experience in dealing with lawyers has been in the corporate world, I needed help personally in settling my mother's estate. While it was a small matter and I knew John was busy on larger matters, he always made me feel mine was the most important matter he needed to address.

Steven B.

Assisted with Probate. Very knowledgeable, experienced, professional, kept us informed and calm during a trying time.

Geoffrey C.

John has handled a few civil matters for me. He's forthright with his assessment of the situation and expectations that are within reasonable limits. He always kept me informed and gave me salient and timely advice as we went through the process of resolving these issues. John's decades of experience are evident in his knowledge of law, judge and jury.


John gives clients personal attention. He assisted me when my lawyer did not. I would definitely recommend.


John Knouse is a masterpiece of a lawyer! Such a will, work ethic, determination, intuition, respect, and intelligence! You would think his incredible amount of experience and knowledge would be the main boast, but it's the rest that really puts him above the rest. And when you have all of that in one person, it is just such a pleasure to work with. Best legal professional you will have the pleasure of working with, I can definitely say that with 100% assuredness.

Soraya F.

We had a great experience with Mr. Knouse. We were dealing with a very difficult situation in our family and was able to help us and mediate the case outside of court.

Nadia A.