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If you're facing any kind of criminal charge, waiting to be appointed a public defender is rarely your best option. Retain an attorney who will fight for you. John P. Knouse, Attorney At Law represents clients facing theft charges in the Frisco area. He'll work diligently on your behalf to seek the best possible outcome for your case.

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Learn more about the theft charges you're facing

While theft can seem like a simple concept, the law breaks down theft crimes into different categories. Just a few of these categories are:

  • Theft — taking property from someone
  • Burglary — unlawfully entering a property
  • Identity theft — knowingly using someone else’s personal information

Each kind of theft can come with different charges and ramifications. Thankfully, your attorney will take the time to go over what applies to your situation and ensure you understand what you’re dealing with. If you need an attorney, contact Mr. Knouse today.